Pilot & Feasibility Program

The primary objective of the Pilot & Feasibility Grant Program is to support the development of innovative research in nutrition and obesity. The program is specifically designed to help investigators collect preliminary data sufficient enough to support a grant application for independent research support and published work.

Reward Region Plasticity to Regular Beverage Intake: An fMRI Experiment
Search for a Conserved Binding Motif among LPL Inhibitors
Role of Macrophage Tissue Factor in Diet Induced Obesity
Response of Marrow Adipose Compartment to Diet and Exercise
Determining the Etiology of Early Infant Stunting
The Development of the Intestinal Microbiome and SFCA Production in Chinese Infants
Assessment of Beige Fat Thermogenic Activity and Its Contribution to Whole Body Metabolism by Hyperpolarized 129Xe Gas MRI and Metabolic Chamber Studies
Consequences of Adipose-T cell Interactions on Long-Term Immunity